Month: October 2021

Seven Ways to Encourage a More Agile Work Culture (and Why You Should)

The only certainty about the future of work is change. An important part of an agile work culture is increasing flexibility in order to adapt to the changing needs of your employees. As the pandemic and its effect on the workforce have proven, change is inevitable and it’s important now more than ever for companies to adopt[…]

12 Ways Entertainment Venues Can Innovate as Customers Return Post-Pandemic

As people slowly gather together again, customers will expect new experiences from venues.  Entertainment venues were hit particularly hard by the pandemic, and as restrictions lift and venues start opening up again, business owners and patrons alike are understandably excited to get back to a more “normal” routine. But after everything that’s happened, will customers want[…]

11 Ways to Collect Customer Feedback (and What to Do With It)

The most valuable information at your disposal is what your customers think of you.  No matter what type of business you run, your customers always have an opinion. From being completely happy with your service to thinking your product needs a total overhaul (and every opinion in between), your customers’ opinions can be as diverse[…]

3 Ways to Ensure Your Brand Is Creating More Meaning in the World

“The workforce of the future wants to work for an organization that stands for something in the world, and the future is now” says Chief Culture Officer of Meaning, Allan Fair Now more than ever, business leaders are guiding a workforce and serving consumers who demand that brands stand for more than just profit alone.[…]

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